Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Here is a list of my allies fighting electroshock everyday.

Don Weitz and Dr. Bonnie Burstow are co-founders of the 4 year group called "Coalition Against Psychiatric Asssault (CAPA) which is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am member at large for CAPA. CAPA organized a protest on Mother's Day of this year in Toronto to protest the use of electroshock on women. 140 people showed up and it was a very successful event. This event will be held again next year on Mother's Day in Toronto. I will post the info when I get it next year on this website here.

For pics and audio of this protest go to these websites:

To contact Don Weitz: email: or by telephone in Toronto:
416-545-0796 Don is an insulin shock survivor

To contact Dr. Bonnie Burstow: email: or by telephone: 416-923-6641 ext. 2740

Don and Bonnie co-edited the book called "Shrink Resistant: The Struggle Against Psychiatry in Canada.

Don and Bonnie are my mentors.
David Oaks head the organization called "Mindfreedom International"

Dr. John Breeding

Leonard Roy Frank

Jim Gottsein, -