Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sue and Steven's ECT videos on

Hello everyone, here is a list of electroshock (ECT) videos done by Sue Clark-Wittenberg and her husband Steven Wittenberg of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada that were posted on
on July 5th to 8th, 2007. We have been very busy for sure for the past 4 days making videos about ECT.

The videos are amateur but we tried our best. We used a small digital camera that is not the best quality. Our videos are very short.

The links for each video are listed below:

Regards, Sue Clark-Wittenberg
(613-721-1833) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Psychiatry - the biggest medical fraud today

ECT Room 3105 - ROH, Ottawa, Ontario

Outside the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre

Outside the grounds of the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center

Steven Wittenberg speaks about his wife who had ECT

Steven Wittenberg speaks about Simone D.

ECT Room 3105 - Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center

Appeal to New York State to stop forced ECT on Simone D.

A song about Simone D. being forced have ECT

Simone D. being forced to undergo more ECT in NY

Steven Wittenberg speaks on how ECT harmed his wife Sue

Sue Clark-Wittenberg says ECT should be banned

Sue and Steven Wittenberg speak about ECT

Sue and Steven Wittenberg discuss ECT

Sue and Steven Wittenberg discuss ECT Stats