Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 13th, ECT protest in Austin, Texas at hospital

Above is a picture of the Seton Shoal Creek Hospital in Austin, Texas

The Coalition for the Abolition of Electroshock (CAEST), is holding an ECT protest July 13th at th Seton Shoal Creek Hospital in Austin, Texas. Dr. John Breeding, a psychologist and author heads this group.

CAEST's website is:

Here are the details for the protest:

Dear Allies,
We have made some waves in the community, at the legislature and at the City Council. You can see our progess notes on the website,
We have had an effect on the numbers of people shocked at Seton

Now it is time to go back to Seton and let them know we are still intent on protecting central Texans from electroshock induced brain damage. We will be there this Friday the 13th morning, bright and early when they are actually laying people on gurneys and electroshocking them.

For more information call 512-326-8326

you have made a difference. Come join us again and let's keep the pressure on!!!


7:30am –9:00 am,

Friday, July 13th

Seiders Spring Park

(38th and Shoal Creek, adjacent

to Seton Shoal Creek Hospital on

the north side) in Austin, Texas